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The Benefits of Handmade Jewelry: 9 Reasons and Facts to Know

There is unexplainable beauty to handmade jewelry that is not found in manufactured items. Some people say it is because of the time and creativity the artist has devoted to every piece. Others say that it is because of the uniqueness of each and every piece of handmade jewelry.

While all are true, here are 9 reasons and facts to know about handmade jewelry, and the benefits of owning it.

1. Each handmade jewelry piece is one of a kind

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Each component used in making handmade jewelry is carefully chosen one by one, which means that there will be no identical items. Each piece will have a variation that makes it different from all other pieces and makes it stand out from other jewelry. This makes the receiver or wearer feel more special.

2. Handmade jewelry is designed and made by an artist

Handmade jewelry is much more meaningful compared to machine-made ones because each part of the jewelry is specifically designed and created by an expert jewelry artist.

Most often, the jewelry created by the artist was inspired by their thoughts, emotions, and environment which makes handmade jewelry more personal and closer to the heart.

In addition, there are also artists who offer customizable jewelry so the customer can choose according to their personal preferences.

3. Some handmade jewelry has an interesting backstory

By wearing an artisan’s handmade jewelry, people not only get to wear a beautiful ornament, but they also carry a significant work of art, and they also keep a record of the history behind that jewelry.

Handmade jewelry tells stories, and it also expresses emotions. By wearing someone else’s creation, you are able to share that story with everyone else.

Artisans carefully choose the materials and design for a piece of jewelry based on their inspiration, thoughts, desires, and emotions. This makes every handmade creation worth remembering.

4. Handmade jewelry is more sustainable and environmentally-friendly

It is no secret that manufactured or mass-market production has great negative impacts on this world’s environment and natural resources. These big establishments continuously release harmful chemicals to our atmosphere, and purchasing from those businesses means that such behaviors are encouraged.

Moreover, since they prioritize quantity over quality, you might be purchasing from a brand with poor quality control and the products will wear out in no time.

Because handmade jewelry is not mass-produced, it means that less energy is used to craft such jewelry. This helps preserve our natural environment, thus giving a better world for future generations.

In addition, investing in handmade jewelry means that you value longevity since artisans of small businesses utilize only the best quality to showcase their art, as well as build trust with their customers.

5. Value for time in making handmade jewelry pieces

Professional jewelry designer making handmade jewelry in studio workshop

Since handmade jewelry is made by humans, and not by a machine, the artisan not only invested their skill but also their time and effort, which are the key elements in making such meaningful crafts.

Moreover, giving a significant amount of time to creating each piece ensures that the quality of the jewelry is maintained, unlike in manufactured ones which are rushed by using machines.

In addition, customers also have a good amount of time because they are able to communicate with the designer directly if they want their piece to be customized.

Instead of wasting their time searching for a piece that is close to their preference, customers can approach the artisan personally to help them acquire that perfect ornament exactly the way they imagined.

6. High-quality materials are used in handmade jewelry

Sometimes, materials used in mass-produced jewelry are blended with dirty metals to cut production costs, and as a result, their original designs are altered to hide these problems. This is especially true for cheap jewelry which can cause skin reactions, rashes, redness, discoloration, and other negative effects.

With handmade jewelry, the quality of the materials is always ensured because artisans are crafting art with the purpose of expressing their talent and showcasing their best skills.

In addition, because handmade jewelry is created in small batches, the quality of each piece is closely monitored and controlled. This enables handmade jewelry to last for years in its best condition so long as proper care is provided. In the case of repairs, it is also easier and faster since artisans know every bit of their pieces.

7. You are supporting small business

Not everyone realizes it, but patronizing handmade products, such as jewelry, enables you to support small businesses, which, in the long run, helps boost the local economy.

In addition, you also encourage arts and creativity. And because artisans cherish their creations, it is ensured that what they provide to you is of top quality.

Keep in mind that what you are patronizing is more than just an ornament; it’s a work of art.

8. Handmade jewelry has huge sentimental value

From the artisan to the customer to the receiver, handmade jewelry is sure to carry big sentimental significance for all people involved.

The artisan personally designed, picked the materials to be used, and used their skills to create a unique piece. Often the customer will pick the one that is closest to their heart. Then, the receiver will appreciate not only the beauty but also the effort made both by the customer in handpicking the jewelry and by the artisan who made it.

As the jewelry is passed down from generation to generation, its sentimental value increases, making it a lifetime treasured item.

9. Direct contact with the jewelry designer

jewelry designer holding handmade jewelry necklace

Sure enough, most people have been in a situation where they are faced with a customer service staff with little to no knowledge of the product, or the issue they are trying to raise. These situations commonly happen in big companies where a customer requests a refund and the like.

But, with an independent handmade jewelry designer, getting in contact is much easier and faster. This is because they usually give their personal contact details, therefore customers can contact them directly if they have questions or queries about the product. This eliminates unpleasant shopping experiences that most customers have to deal with in huge brands.

In the end, handmade jewelry is more than just an item that you wear at special events. You also get to support the environment, the artisan’s skills, time, and effort, as well as their small business while ensuring that you get only the best quality of handmade products.


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