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How to Make Jewelry with Raw Crystals (6 Possible Ways!)

Jewelry is a favorite adornment and there is an infinite array of types of designs, colors, and gems. What is even more impressive is gaining the skill to make your jewelry. You can make jewelry with a raw crystal if you have one.

In this article, we will tell you six different projects you can undertake to make your own jewelry. We will even give you step-by-step instructions for one of them!

Five DIY Crystal Projects You Can Try

More jewelry that you can make with raw crystal are:

1. Rings

Using jewelry wire to make your ring may not be the best method as it can scratch your fingers or can be too tight or too loose. Instead, buy a plain gold or silver ring with no design and then bind your stones to the ring with glue.

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2. Bracelets

Ever wondered how you can make bracelets with stones? When your crystals are still in their raw form (not tumbled or polished yet), drill a little hole through the rocks. Drill more rocks than what you need because some can get broken in the process.

When you have successfully drilled a hole through all the crystals, you can polish them through tumbling. After tumbling the rocks, make the bracelet by simply passing a rope or beading cord through them.

3. Boho Tribal-Style Jewelry

If you want to decorate your home with a piece of tribal-style jewelry, make your own amazingly beautiful Boho tribal-style jewelry. Another name for this jewelry is “Bohemian jewelry”. You can make it with tumbled stones or gems.

You can also use peacock feathers. When you have selected your best Bohemian jewelry, start crafting with your glue or rope.

4. Sliced Stone Bangles

Do you love colorful bangles? All you need is a plain bangle and some colorful rocks.

Cut the rocks with a rock or diamond saw. Bind the sliced part of the rock on the bangle with glue. Shiny crystals are best used for sliced stone bangles.

5. Replacing Lost Jewels with Raw Crystals

The crystals or rocks on some jewelry can fall off or get lost while you wear them. Instead of disposing of your jewelry, you can make it more beautiful by binding new colorful rocks on it with glue.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Making a Pendant

1. Choose Your Crystal

Choosing your crystal is the first step when making jewelry. What type of crystal do you like? Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right crystals:

  • Size: The size of the crystal matters. When making a pendant, you do not want a crystal that is too big because it can inconvenience you. Also, it should not be too small as small crystals are not clearly visible.
  • Color: You should choose your favorite color or one that goes well with the color of your chain.
  • Tumbled or Not: Do you want to polish your crystal or do you want it rough? You should polish your crystals by tumbling them so that they do not scratch your skin.
  • Rarity: Rarer crystals are more beautiful. You can try different types of crystals when making your pendant.

2. Get Your Materials

Some materials that you need to make a pendant from raw crystals are:

  • Jewelry Wire: You will be using the jewelry wire to wrap your crystal and bind it to a chain. You should consider the color, thickness, and flexibility of your wire. You should go for less flexible jewelry wires as they last longer.
  • Wire Cutter: You will use the wire cutter to cut your jewelry wire when you need to.
  • Plier: Pliers are important for bending the jewelry wire so that you can freely wrap the crystal.

You can easily get these materials from a craft supply store.

3. Make a Loop with Your Jewelry Wire

When you have gathered everything that you need, gather your jewelry cutter and pliers. Make a loop (or hole) in one end of the jewelry wire. To make the loop, hold one end of the wire, bend it over, and then wrap it around the wire. Wrap the wire several times to make it stronger.

Make sure that there is a hole that is large enough to pass through the chain, and not too large so that it is not visible.

pink crystal wrapped around by wire

4. Wrap the Jewelry Wire around Your Stone

You should use the other end of your jewelry wire to wrap your crystal. The first time, you may make a lot of mistakes when wrapping the stone, so you should prepare multiple jewelry wires. You can wrap the wire in circles, zigzag patterns, or any method of your choice.

When you are done wrapping the crystal, wrap the extra part of your jewelry wire just below the loop that you made earlier, and then cut off the extra part (from the long end). As you can see, your pendant is coming to life and the next step is to hang it on the chain.

5. Hang Your Finished Pendant

You can hang the finished pendant on a chain to make a necklace, hand chain, bangles, and other types of jewelry. Simply pass the chain through the loop (hole) of the pendant. You can make multiple pendants with stones of different colors for your chains.

6. Check for and Correct Your Errors

You want to check to make sure that your work is perfect. Examine the hole to make sure that it is not too big or small. Make sure that the crystal is firmly gripped to the jewelry wire. Also, check for loose parts of the jewelry wire and tighten them.

7. Wear, Display, or Sell Your Craft

What is the purpose of your beautiful craft if not to wear, sell, or display it? You just made a very beautiful and unique piece. Express your creativity with pride.

Now you just learned how to make a beautiful pendant out of raw crystals! But pendants aren’t the only type of jewelry that you can make yourself.

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Why Go for Raw Crystals?

1. You Get to Make Your Favorite Design Yourself

If you have ever imagined a special and unique design of jewelry, but you cannot find it on the market, just make it yourself. Gather everything that you need and start crafting.

2. Raw Crystals Are Cheaper Than Finished Jewelry

You can easily get raw crystals and everything that you need to make your jewelry at very little cost. According to the rarity of your crystal, you can make the most beautiful jewelry almost free of charge. Just go to a craft supply shop for everything that you need after finding a beautiful stone.

3. You Wear Your Expressed Creativity

Do you know how good it feels to wear something that you created by yourself? You’ll gain a new sense of self and be proud of the beautiful things you can create.

crystal earrings

Related Questions and Answers

1. How Can You Make Earrings and Other Similar Pendants with Raw Crystals?

Making earrings is not the same as making pendants for chains. Earrings are easier to make than pendants. All you need are crystals, studs, and glue.

Some types of suitable crystals to make earrings are clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, fluorite, and porcelain.

After polishing the crystal of your choice to make it shiny and smooth, pour some glue on the rock, place the stud on the rock, and then wait for 24 hours until it is completely dry.

Note that most glue products recommend waiting for just 10 minutes for the glue to be dry. When making earrings, you should wait 24 hours or more so that they can last longer.

2. How Can You Polish Your Crystals to Make Them Smooth?

While there are multiple ways to polish rocks, the best and easiest way for you is by tumbling them. If you are a fan of raw crystals, you should buy a rock tumbler. With a rock tumbler, you can smooth your rocks and make them shinier.

3. Where Can You Find Raw Crystals?

There are multiple places to find raw crystals, rocks, and gems. Some places are:

  • Quarries: Easily the most common place to find crystals and precious stones.
  • Pay-to-Dig Sites: These are places where you are almost guaranteed to find crystals. You just need to pay to have access. For example, there is a pay-to-dig site in the Ruby Mountains in Nevada.
  • Cut Roads: Cut roads are places (especially rocky paths) where roads pass through. You can find precious stones on the roadsides.
  • Rock Collectors: If you do not want to go far in search of raw crystals, you can easily buy some from local rock collectors.
  • Craft Supply Store: Some craft supply stores have crystals ready for crafting. You do not need to tumble them, just start crafting.

As you can see, there are multiple places to find crystals.

Final Thoughts

You can make jewelry yourself by using raw crystals. You can make chains, necklaces, earrings, and other types of jewelry.

Make sure that you make original, beautiful, and last-longing jewelry and display, wear or sell your work with pride.


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