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Can You Make Jewelry Out of Coins (Find Out Now!)

Aside from being a medium of exchange, coins are used in many different ways.

Some people use them to tighten screws when no screwdriver is around the house. There are also people who use coins to test tire threads and as spacers when setting up floor tiles.

If the coins are big enough, they can even be used as doorsteps.

But can you make jewelry out of coins?

Coins can definitely be turned into jewelry. As long as you don’t have any intention to counterfeit, it is totally legal for you to use coins from different currencies and make jewelry out of them.

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For many years, coins made from precious metals such as gold, silver, and bronze have been used to make jewelry. Aside from their obvious value for being a token of wealth, jewelry made from these coins also elevates the status of the wearer.

There are two most common types of jewelry that can be made out of coins: coin necklaces or pendants, and coin rings. In this article, we will explore how you can easily turn your valuable coins into unique and meaningful pieces of jewelry.

Cutting Coins Into Jewelry

Before we dive into the process of making a coin ring or necklace, the coin should be properly cut to fit with the overall design. Here’s how:

To begin, you must have the right tools.

  • Coins
  • Jeweler’s saw
  • Clear acrylic
  • Small drill

Pick the best coin.

The most suitable coin that can be turned into jewelry is a silver coin.

This is because silver is pretty malleable compared to other metals. It responds better to heat and pressure that is being applied during the cutting process.

If you are new to this process, it is better for you to start with cheap or common coins in your region.

Try not to use coins that are made from nickel, brass, or copper that are easily discolored and able to cause irritation to your skin. But if you are still want to use these coins, use gloves, and other protective wear.

It is also much easier to work with a medium-size coin that has a smooth and well-defined surface.

Using a small drill, make a hole at the back of the coin.

Using a half-millimeter drill bit, make a hole near the center area that you want to remove.

Try to carry out this step as delicately as you possibly can. This is to avoid accidental drilling on the edge of the coin and ruin its overall shape.

With a jeweler’s saw, carefully carve around the pre-drilled holes according to your desired shape or designs.

Use a clear acrylic as a coating layer to make the coin look shinier. This coating will prevent discoloration while protecting your skin from irritation.

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How To Make A Coin Ring

Due to the size of some coins that are similar to our fingers, there is no reason why you can’t make a beautiful ring out of coins. Here’s how:

Gather all your supplies.

  • A coin
  • Electric drill
  • Metal hammer
  • Thick drill bit
  • Nut and bolt (preferably small)
  • Round metal frame
  • Icepick

Find any hard flat surface and begin by holding the coin on its side.

Slowly tap its edge with a hammer. Roll the coin slowly while tapping its edge until you reach the specific thickness that you want.

This step helps to thicken the coin while removing any harsh bevel on its ridges. Make sure to do it carefully to avoid extra force that could damage the coin.

Hold your icepick right above the coin.

Place the tip of the icepick slowly at the center of the coin and hit it with your hammer. This will create a small dent that will prevent your drill from slipping.

Try not to exert too much force to avoid breaking the coin.

Put the drill’s tip on the dent and begin drilling through the hole.

Again, try to do it as delicately as possible to avoid ruining the overall shape of your coin.

Using your hand or a table clamp, smooth out the hole and remove any uneven or sharp surface.

You can also use sandpaper to widen the hole until the ring is smooth and comfortable enough to be placed on your finger.

Repeat this process if you feel that the ring could scratch your skin or if it grips too tight around your finger.

 Close up of a male jeweler working and shaping an unfinished ring with a tool

How To Make A Coin Necklace

There are two ways of making a coin necklace: either by drilling a hole or punching a hole on it.

Drilling a hole in the coin requires a press drill or a hand drill while punching a hole is quite different because you will be chiseling a hole in the coin.

These two methods are effective and it is totally up to you to choose which one suits you best.

Drilling A Hole In The Coin

  1. Put the coin on any flat hard surface such as a piece of hardwood. Materials such as softwoods are not strong enough, while steel or concrete could ruin the coin and makes it harder for you to drill all the way through.

    Also, the thicker the coin, the harder it will be for you to drill it.
  2. If you are using a hand drill, clamp the coin tightly to the surface. If you are using a drill press, clamp the coin under the drill bit in the holder.
  3. Choose the right size for the drill bit based on the thickness and size of your coin. This will determine the size of the hole that you are about to make.

    Hold it up to the coin and look at its diameter to ensure that they aren’t too big or too small.
  4. Place the drill bit slowly on the coin before drilling it. Make sure the clamp is tight enough to prevent the coin from slipping out during the drilling process.

    No matter which drill you choose, do it carefully to avoid any damage to the coin. Then, sand around the hole on both sides gently to remove any burrs.
  5. Finally, attach your coin to a chain by using a jump ring. Depending on the size of the jump ring, your coin will or will not slide around the chain.

Punching A Hole In The Coin

  1. Put your coin on a flat hard surface such as concrete or a rock plate. Once you know where the hole is going to be made, place a small chisel approximately a third from the top of the coin. If possible, use the smallest multi-purpose chisel that is suitable for metal.
  2. Take a hammer and gently tap the chisel until a dent is created. Increase your tapping force slowly to make the dent deeper. Be sure to stop once the dent is deep enough. Don’t punch all the way through to avoid creating an uneven hole.
  3. Place a sharp nail in the center of the dent and hit it with a hammer until the nail pierces through the coin. A nail will create a cleaner-looking hole than the chisel.
  4. Sand away any burrs around the hole that can scratch your skin. Repeat this process until the outer edge of the hole is smooth and free from any sharp structures.
  5. If you want the coin to slide around the chain, choose a large jump ring. But if you prefer it the other way around, then, use a small jump ring.
  6. Finally, open the jump ring, put it through the hole, and close it. Then, put it on your chain and your coin necklace is ready.
woman holding collar wearing necklace with coin pendant

Final Thoughts

Making jewelry out of coins can be turned into a lucrative business if you have the desire to make it more than just a hobby.

Whether it is a coin ring or necklace, this jewelry carries a significant meaning and profound value to the owner, especially if they are the ones who choose the coin themselves.

They won’t break your bank, are easy to make, and can last longer than any commercial jewelry out there.


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